BAYWATCH is a container for ongoing dialogue among local dancers, choreographers, performers, and scholars. The project came out of critical conversations during the summer of 2014 when many Bay Area artists sought a venue to share thoughts about the work we were seeing and making. In 2015, BAYWATCH became a project of the Dance Studies Working Group at UC Berkeley. Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute texts about dance in the San Francisco bay area.

We are most interested in publishing:

- Interviews with artists (pre- or post-performance)

- Reviews of local shows: contextual, conceptual, expansive, and questioning

- Writing on bay area dance history

- Reflection on curation, infrastructure, funding, and material conditions for bay area dance

- Writing about the relationship of dance practices to race/gender/sexuality, economics and real estate, social movements and collective liberation

- Photo essays and rehearsal notes

- Audio and video submissions

See what people have been writing:

Email us if you have questions or are interested in contributing - we'd love to hear from you!

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